001SF - Solid Foundation (Pre K)

A PERFECT START to your PreK child! Math is not one way.  Knowing more ways of doing Math adds fun and brings creativity. Introduce different concepts of Math to your little one with our Solid Foundation course in which we deliver basic and core information for math concepts with clarity.  Abacus math techniques are used on fingers to give feel of counting and to give clear understanding of place values. Every child can learn Math if it is introduced in the Right way. This course is a unique blend of Whole Brain development and Critical Thinking skills.

002MMA - Mental Math using Abacus (KG-5th Grade)

BEST INVESTMENT in your child's future! Use BOTH brains at the same time (a Whole Brain development program).
Improves concentration, focus, listening skills, speed, and memory power. Math Facts become extremely strong.  Overall academic performance improves.

003GW - Gradewise Math (KG - Grade 5)

LOM's Gradewise Math Program helps develop Problem Solving and Critical Thinking. Practical application of math facts.  Bar modeling to make complex word problems easy to understand. Syllabus is designed with enough depth to provide the best benefits to LOM kids. Concepts are introduced in many different ways to relate to child's understanding. Placement tests available. 

003GW06 - Honors 6th Grade + Basic Pre-Algebra 

Help your child by giving a strong start towards higher math.  Build Solid Foundational Skills before moving onto higher math. Well thought out and is proven to be an extremely successful course designed to give an extra edge to kids. Lot of topics introduced from easy to medium to challenging level to give the great base of higher math.  

003GW07 - Honors 7th Grade + Advanced Pre-Algebra

A must to do course before doing Honors Algebra 1.  This course helps build essential skills required to be successful in Algebra 1. A Solid Combination of Honors Grade 7 and Advanced Pre-Algebra Topics! 

003GW08 - Honors 8th Grade + Honors Algebra 1

A perfect combination of Honors 8th Grade + Honors Algebra 1 that will save a lot of time and your child will learn much more than regular class room.  Start with basic topics and then takes students to much higher level to prepare them for high school math. After sucessful completion of this level, child is ready for Honors Geometry and/or Honors Algebra 2.

004PSCT - Problem Solving & Critical Thinking (Grade 1 - 8)

Process Skills workshops! Gradewise Challenging word problems!  Bar modeling is used to make complex word problems more visual and easy to solve. Heuristic approach: Heuristic is a mental shortcut that allows people to solve problems and make judgments quickly and efficiently.  Improves Problem Solving and Critical Thinking skills.  Kids who participate in Perennial Math competition does this course according to their grade level.  Few of them have won the competitions locally and as high as 2nd place nationally.  

P.S We do not train kids for any competitions but this course has been very helpful in competitions. 

005ACT01 - ACT Math and Science -Test Prep

Prepare for your next ACT Math + Science exam with ACT Certified educators. Get trained by highly qualified educators with engineering background and who has taken ACT tests under same time sensitive environment like regular ACT test. Get ready with educators who has gone through an official ACT training to help students with proper preparation for ACT tests. Learn ACT strategies that works!     

006VM01 - Vedic Mathematics (Grade 5+)

Become the Master of Mental Math in no time! Easy to do, Easy to understand, Efficient and fast. Learn Vedic Mathematics from engineers who also hold "Vedic Math Diploma".   

  • Sharpens the mind and increases mental agility and intelligence
  • Improves the memory and boosts self-confidence.
  • Natural mindway of doing math! Vedic math does the math the most simplest possible way