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LOM's Solid Foundation program has proven that we can create life time love for mathematics at early age.  LOM's Solid Foundation course is  specially designed for Pre K level kids. Lot of basic concepts are added with so much clarity to give child a strong foundation.  That includes but not limited to primary colors, secondary colors, sorting, tally counting,  graph types, van diagrams, basic estimation, measurements and much more.  We have introduced math in many different ways.  Abacus math techniques are used on fingers to give child the feel of counting which is extremely important before child moves on to numbers more than 100.  Did you see the videos of child performing fingering techniques and having so much fun with math?  

  • Math is not one way

  • Knowing more ways of doing Math adds fun and brings creativity

  • Create a Lifetime Love for Mathematics at early age by giving SolidFoundation

  • Every child can learn Math if it is introduced Rightway

  • As the level goes up, the complexity goes up so it is important to make each level foundation strong before moving to the higher level.  Each topic is thoughtfully designed and takes child from easy to medium to challenging level gradually. 

LOM'S Solid Foundation PreK - Video course (Create a Lifetime Love for Mathematics)


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General: This course is designed for Pre K level.  This is the prime age to introduce basic math concepts right way to create a life time love for mathematics.  Discover the genius with LOM's Solid Foundation Course.

Recommended age group: Pre K

Exceptions: We have few rising KG students do this course to learn variety of concepts before entering KG.  Video course gives the flexibility to complete the course early. 


Total Levels: 2

Cost: $209.99 per level

On an average it can cost around $650 for our physical classroom or online interactive sessions with live teacher options for 6 months.  In video course option, child can play video explanations as many times as needed for better understanding to complete the level.  
DISCIPLINE is the key for child to be successful in short time when using video courses. 

Physical Material: This option is available only for residents of USA. 

You can purchase workbooks plus assignment worksheets of $40 per level  plus shipping $20 , total $60.   You can opt out of .pdf assignments in place of physical material.

WHAT LOM PROVIDES: Every level will come with video lessons and .pdf assignments that you can print unless you have purchased the physical material. It is recommended to print those assignment pages and have your child work on the assignments with pencil. However you can just display them on screen and child works out in a note book.  

Video lessons access time: Each level is designed for 15 weeks however 18 weeks access will be given.  If needed more time, an additional charge of $59.99 per month will be applied. 

What if my child finish the level before 15 weeks?: Considering child can finish the level before 15 weeks, upon request for next level to be opened before 15 weeks, first level access will be removed and next level will be available once payment is received.

Would I get refund or roll over fees if my child finishes the level before 15 weeks?
NO.  Purpose of video courses is to give total flexibility so child can learn on his or her pace.  $209.99 per level is a flat rate for 18 weeks access to videos per level.
Refund Policy: NO REFUND in any case.  All purchases are final. Whether you use video lessons or .pdf for assignments or not, once you pay there is no refund.  Please see Teaching vidoes and Work sheets below if needed before making your purchase.

How much involvement is needed from a parent? : Parents need to make a game plan on when child will be working on the video lessons on regular basis. Few kids require parents to sit with them, few are independent worker, and few takes little time to understand how the process works.  It is all depend on an individual student.  Even in our physical classes or online interactive classes, we have seen a little parents involvement makes a huge difference in child’s success.  We DO NOT EXPECT parent to teach, we want them to provide a strong support to their child.  We want parent to help child play video lessons, and make sure child does the required assignments.

Can we skip PreK A level and start from PreK B level: Child cannot start PreK B level without sucessful completion of PreK A level as many concepts introduced in PreK A level are used in PreK B with higher complexity. 

Jump Start with LOM’s Online Video courses.  Most affordable and most convenient option for your child. Must check out.  

We have the best interest in your child. We want to teach every child the right way and more ways of math and hence this video courses are made at an extremely affordable rate.

Want to see few teaching vidoes/worksheets before you buy?     



LOM's Solid Foundation PREKA Table of Contents
Module Module Title Lessons
1 Numbers 0 to 5 Count numbers to 5 using abacus techniques on fingers, exercises includes matching, coloring, circling groups, tracing, writing etc. 
2 Numbers 6 to 9  Count numbers from 6 to 9 using abacus techniques on fingers, exercises includes matching, coloring, circling groups, tracing, writing etc. 
3 Numbers 0-9 Introducing Zero,  review of fingering counting 0-9, exercises includes counting up, down, match etc.
4 Colors Primary and Secondary colors, trace and color, match, sort and classify
5 Surfaces Different Surfaces
6 Comparison- Part A Equal or Not Equal (Numbers 0-9), more or less
7 Comparison Part B How much more or less, arranging numbers in order, challenging word problems
8 Measurement same size, not the same size, big and small, tall and short, long and short, heavy and light
9 Simple addition (0-5) Basic 1 to 4, addition of 5
10 Simple addition (6-9) Addition of 6 to 9, do it your self exercise
11 Simple subtraction (0-5) Basic 1 to 4, subtraction of 5
12 Simple subtraction (6-9) Subtraction of 6 to 9, do it yourself exercise
13 Honors PreKA topics Part A sum, difference and more, match the answer, tally counting, odd and even numbers, chart up to 9
14 Honors PreKA topics Part B Data and Graphs, probability, van diagram, inequality with addition and subtraction

LOM's Solid Foundation PREKB Table of Contents
Module Module Title Lessons
15 Numbers in tens (10-90) Count numbers in tens 10-50, read, match trace, count numbers in tens 60-90,read,match, trace, write correct number and number word
16 Count up, down in tens Count up and down in tens, match correct number, write missing number
17 Comparison More, less, arrange numbers
18 Simple addition in tens (0-90) Basic addition 10 to 40, addition of 50, addition of 60 to 90
19 Simple subtraction in tens (0-90) Basic subtraction 10 to 40, subtraction of 50,Subtraction of 60 to 90, reviews of addition and subtraction exercises, enrichment exercises
20 Shapes and Solids Introduction to 2D objects and 3D objects, exercises
21 Compare sets more , less for numbers in tens
22 Numbers 11-20 Read, recognize, write numbers, number words 11-20, count on count back
23 Fingering Calculations Basic addition, subtraction up to 20
24 Numbers up to 99 Place value concept, standard form, expanded form, write missing numbers, counting fives, count in tens
25 Comparison more, less for numbers up to 99
26 Addition, Subtraction Addition, subtraction exercises
27 Honors PreKB topics Odd-even, hundred chart, ordinal numbers, estimation, pattern, probability

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