Mental Math Abacus is now LIFE of MATH.

Attention Parents! 

Finally! A program for anyone who wants to learn:

Mental Math Strategies, Critical Thinking Skills, and Whole Brain Development!


Our courses are based on research and continuous improvement with decades of teaching experience!

" My kids Brains were tested and both brains came to the same level after joining LOM!  How rare is that?   Parents of 2 Kids "

LOM offers different options to meet individual needs

Online Video Courses

High in Demand!  More and more parents are choosing this option.  


  • The highest quality product is made to represent The BEST of LOM!
  • Easy to add upgraded assignments and video lessons
  • Concepts are taught in many different ways to relate to child's understanding level.  That proves, Math is for Everyone!
  • Learn any where , any time self paced but end time in mind to keep your child disciplined in his/her work
  • The most affordable, convenient and best quality option

Online Classes with Teachers

Learn with LOM teachers via Online scheduled Classes

  • Real-time online classes with LOM teachers.
  • Learn in an interactive small classroom set up or an individual one on one lessons. 

Onsite Before and After School Programs

Learn with LOM teachers Onsite classes

  • Since more than a decade, we offer before and after school programs at various schools
  • This option is only available when schools are open.
If you are a school administrator/teacher and want to use our programs either as supplement, or enrichment, we will help you set up.

LOM'S PROGRAMS ARE designed by Engineers 


  • Who holds Master's Degrees in Engineering

  • Who are Research Engineers

  • Who holds Advanced Diploma in Vedic Mathematics

  • Who are an ACT Certified Educators


Discover Genius in your child with LOM's Programs

Create a Solid Foundation and  Life Time Love for Mathematics

LOM does not just teach Math, we deliver basic, core information for math concepts with clarity. We teach the way child learns. Math is not one way and more ways of doing math expands the brain and make math fun.  One can create love for math in elementary school if it is taught the right way.  Our programs are well received by Principals, Parents and Students