Our parents have given their valuable reviews in so much detail that you will see rarely happens at other institute. 

We are very grateful to our parents and we have the best interest in our LOM kids.


I’m perpetually grateful that I stumbled across Life of Math through a comment on a Facebook post, and signed up my boys, 5 & 7, for the LOM online video course four months ago. They have just completed the first level...and the mathematical ability of my boys has grown immensely over the past four months. My 5 year old has progressed from an inability to add single digits without counting on his fingers to mentally computing long series of double digit addition (sums up to 99) and subtraction with blazing speed and accuracy. Math is now their favorite subject, although they are both of literary bent.

Ms. Alpa Patel is a fantastic teacher. Her knowledge of mental mathematics is excellent, she is a clear and amiable communicator, and she encourages the students to perform at their best. My boys find her videos really enjoyable! She has given my boys confidence in their math skills and I have observed real improvement in such a short time.

Incidentally, his kindergarten teacher has recommended that he be evaluated for gifted studies (if he has the requisite IQ score for the program, it will primarily affect his math and science classes), due in no small part, I think, to the mental improvement he has experienced via your abacus mental math program. Thank you for such an amazing course!

If you want your children to have the proper foundation in mathematics, Life of Math is definitely the place to start. Highly recommend!!!!!    Terrance Harris(Parent)

Thanks to Alpa’s patient, methodical, and personalized approach, my daughter not only passed the exam but also gained a new sense of confidence in her math skills.
Alpa went above and beyond to help my daughter prepare for her exam (eligibility for Honors Algebra 1) in a short time. She took the time to understand my daughter's learning style and tailored her lessons accordingly. She provided clear explanations, helpful examples, and plenty of practice problems that challenged my daughter in just the right way. She also offered valuable study tips and test-taking strategies that proved invaluable on the day of the exam.
She communicates clearly and promptly and is always willing to answer any questions or concerns that arise.
Overall, I can't recommend Alpa enough. She has truly made a positive impact on my daughter's education and I know that my daughter will be more confident in math with her help next year.
Thank you,
Sibel K.

My child is with LOM since more than 3 years now. We started with the physical classroom and then shifted to video courses because of COVID and then our out-of-town move. I did not want to choose any other program for math as I knew the value of LOM programs and its benefit to my child. I am extremely pleased with my decision. My child is doing both programs, Video course of Abacus Math and Grade Math, It is a complete package. The material and the videos are made with high quality and simple understanding. Material is systematically designed and LOM’s weekly planning helps me to keep my child on track. Also, there’s total flexibility such that videos are available 24 hrs so my child can revise, play, pause as many times as she needs to master the concept. LOM’s Video lessons are extremely engaging, and my child feels like Ms. Alpa is in front of her teaching! My child and I speak the same language of Math at home. The foundation that LOM creates for math at early age is so strong that I will not have to worry about it later on when she goes to Middleschool. I believe it is extremely important to give the RIGHT foundation at the RIGHT time for mathematics, otherwise a child will struggle a lot when the level of difficulty increases. I highly recommend LOM’s video course because of it’s content and the price! It’s a win win! Here is my child acting like Ms. Alpa, doing some measurements at home using the video course!

Mausami Parikh Lodise(Parent)

We began the program the summer before my son's first grade year in the one week summer camp. The week program was a great kickstart but is not essential as my daughter started mid year in the normal classes and is progressing wonderfully. My son’s math ability was fine for his grade level, but I could see that moving forward, it was going to be more and more difficult for me to explain numbers conceptually - especially since he AND I are both very literal. Now, after 1.5 years of the MMA(LOM) program, not only does he have an amazing ability to do math in his head, but his pure knowledge and understanding of numbers is beyond anything I would have imagined. The way he can pull numbers apart to solve a problem shows this true understanding. And this didn’t actually take 1.5 years to happen, it became noticeable within the first few months and has developed more and more over time. I use MMA along with another math program (at home) and I’m absolutely positive the other math program could not and would not have grown his knowledge in this way. He would have learned how to add and subtract, but he would not have understood numbers the same way. Part of what makes the program so great is that the materials are so well done, organized in a step by step process AND provide all the practice you need. Having researched other abacus programs that can be bought online, what I found lacking in all the other programs was the amount of prepared materials. MMA provides exactly what is needed and plenty of it- practice, practice, practice. And for anyone who thinks abacus is just "moving beads on a rod” much like punching buttons of a calculator, it is NOT. It is much, much more. When you see your 6 year old child using numerous different formulas (ex. +6 = +10 - 4) and (ex. -3 = -10 +7) to solve just one problem, you see how much they have to use their brain, they have to concentrate/focus, and they have to actually do math WHILE they are moving the beads on the abacus. It all transfers to such great knowledge and what will definitely be a powerful tool for the future. Parent: Tracy Schnee
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all you do for Colton through LOM. Obviously we appreciate the knowledge, skills and different ways of thinking that he is gaining through your class, but even just as important-or perhaps more important is that you have created a LOVE of math in him. He absolutely loves to go to class and do math. He views math as fun and an exciting challenge. That’s a feeling i think he will carry with him throughout his entire life and you can’t put a price on that! 100% agree with these endorsements. Ms. Alpa has created in my son a love for learning math-something that will go beyond the classroom. So grateful that Crosswinds provides us access to math club. Can't wait for our two year old to start in a few years.  Lu DeSantis (Parent)
Few things bring me as much joy as the privilege of educating my children at home. I’m not the world’s best teacher, but I am the one the Lord entrusted with the task, and I am willing & able to rise to the occasion, so long as He continues to allow. I’m grateful that I’m not in it alone, that we’ve been surrounded by such an abundant community of people, blessed with varying gifts, who are willing to come alongside us and offer their wisdom. Today, Bean began his first abacus math book, along with videos due to COVID, from the amazing Alpa Patel with Life of Math. So far, he’s loving it! We used this program with our girls and the results were phenomenal! We hope all of our children can partake of the same feast as they become ready. Thank you, Alpa, for all of your hard work and dedication to making math fun for every child! You are one of my many heroes! Mackenzie Baker (Parent)
My daughter has been with LOM since first grade. She will be in Middle School come August and will be in honors math. Alpa has been incredible in both teaching and patience. My daughter loves her and she loves math! I am so proud of her incredible math skills and thanks to Alpa. Since the pandemic, we transitioned to online sessions and my daughter enjoys it a lot more with more flexibility in schedules. I highly recommend LOM! Thank you for all that you do! Parent: Sheryl Dotson
We are very pleased with Kiana's progress in math. Her math grade went from a C in the second quarter to an A on her mid-quarter progress report. Not only has her grade improved but she seems to enjoy math more now. The mental math techniques are how I do math so this has helped both of us communicate more clearly as I attempt to help her.  Prior to your courses Kiana did not receive my help very well and I was not very patient with her lack of understanding. Now its like we are speaking the same language. We really appreciate all your hard work with Kiana. Parent: Erik Lindahl
It has been great journey for my son Avyan to learn basics and then grasp more advanced concepts in Math through Life of Math. He started with LOM while in preschool and now he is about to complete 1st grade. We are so thankful to the curriculum and the teachers for the continued support due to which Avyan is very confident in Maths today. Greatly recommend LOM! Parent: Sanghamitra Panda
We have been with LOM for several years, spanning two children. Alpa and her team have shown an incredible amount of care, patience, and love to help our children grow. We started with classes in person and moved to online seamlessly. I highly recommend.Parent: Rebecca Geller
It has been a great experience working with Ms. Alpa. She is very knowledgeable and resourceful. Very highly recommend! Parent: Hala Hakim
We are very pleased with Kiana's progress in math. Her math grade went from a C in the second quarter to an A on her mid-quarter progress report. Not only has her grade improved but she seems to enjoy math more now. The mental math techniques are how I do math so this has helped both of us communicate more clearly as I attempt to help her.  Prior to your courses Kiana did not receive my help very well and I was not very patient with her lack of understanding. Now its like we are speaking the same language. We really appreciate all your hard work with Kiana. Parent: Erik Lindahl
Thank you so much for the video lessons. They are very interesting, easy to follow and convenient.  Firas really enjoyed them and I did too.  We also watched the first video of Solid Figures and It is awesome   so yes I’m watching too  I love Math and like the way you used visuals to captivate the attention even more, and geometry is Firas’ favorite part. Thank you for your support.   Parents – Emna 
Alpa, wanted to pass a credit to you and your passion of teaching Math to Sahil and helping him to be confident and be ahead of the game in school…his 2nd grade SAT 10 Math score is the highest national level which is 99 percentile…definitely the main credit goes to Sahil and all his teachers where you are the mian Math teacher for him in last 3 years period … Thank you from proud Parents – Nitin and Priya Baligar
“Mrs. Alpa really helped me during my Algebra 1 journey. For starters, she made the environment friendly, so I felt comfortable asking questions. If I was struggling with a concept, we reviewed it and strengthened my skills. Without her help, I don’t know if I could’ve worked through the course as fast and with a good understanding. I scored a full 100!! And I'm finished with Honors Algebra 1!!! Yah!!! Now onto Honors Geometry!!! Thank you so much for your help; I wouldn't have finished this course without you.”
Student: Anandi Durgam
We really enjoy the program.  It has helped Lily in her school for sure.  Initially we were concerned about conflict with math and science and we talked to both of their teacher and they said there are absolutely no issues and in fact it is helping and benefit to them.  We are very pleased with the program. Parent: Jennifer Wells (1st grader and 3rd grader)
Parents of Public School children! I beseech you to consider the following: **One of the biggest cross-national tests is the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), which every three years measures reading ability, math and science literacy and other key skills among 15-year-olds in dozens of developed and developing countries. The most recent PISA results, from 2015, placed the U.S. an unimpressive 38th out of 71 countries in math and 24th in science. Among the 35 members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, which sponsors the PISA initiative, the U.S. ranked 30th in math and 19th in science.**
That being said, I believe it accurate to say that our current system is not serving our children well in the mathematics realm. LUCKILY we have a wonderful, local, mathematician, Alpa Patel, and her team serving our children by helping to fill in the gaping holes that our school system is leaving in our kid's education. Not only that, but she's also helping them to develop a love for learning math! 😳 Yes. She begins teaching children at the age of 5 and can go all the way through advanced algebra/trig, plus ACT prep!! She teaches all over Memphis, almost every day of the week. I will end by encouraging you to consider investing your time and money in supplementing your child's education in this way. You will not regret it!  Parent: Mackenzie Baker
Our 6-year-old son Saharsh, a 1st grader started Abacus 2 months back and we are amazed at what he has accomplished in this very short period. Ever since he started Abacus, we’ve noticed that Saharsh is very interested in finishing the homework on time and hungry for more math assignments. In just a few months, we noticed a steep rise in his math capabilities along with mental math skills. We believe this program helps boost self-confidence in kids and is an excellent program to enhance math skills. We are thrilled at the difference this program is making for our son in his thinking skills, building self-confidence and his progress in positive learning in a fun & relaxed manner. Abacus has been a wonderful benefit to our son. He started applying the principles in everyday life. From school work to a visit in the shopping mall to touring places, our son has applied abacus principles in everything from problem solving to calculating a total sale or discount in a store. No doubt, Abacus has given our son an edge over other students. Overall, abacus is a useful and beneficial tool for our son to learn and we are glad that we signed him up. Alpa Patel is a highly dedicated and caring tutor and is focused on each and every student. She is patient, helpful, and most of all encouraging to the students. We are grateful for her service to our son.  Enrolling our son in Abacus math has been one of the best decisions we have made. We are truly happy to endorse this program. Parent: Archana & Satheesh Kumar
My 4 1/2 year old son picked up the finger math technique quickly that it amazed me. First thing first. We have a very sincere and hard working tutor who goes the extra mile to take that additional effort to help the kids learn well and the other thing is it makes learning Math fun and it is a great way that I teach and play with son and we have a great time with it after class during the rest of the week. I believe seeding Kids with Mental Math techniques at the early age help develop their brains better and I see it for myself with my son who seem to enjoy it and also gain from it. Parent: Vigneshwaran Sivasubramanian
In general, most schools teach students “how to solve a problem”, they don’t teach students why they are doing these steps, and concepts are not always clear. I enrolled my daughter in this Algebra II because I realized she was only learning steps of solving problems, basically memorizing how to solve them without understanding concepts and without having the ability to approach a problem that she didn’t encounter before, because she was memorizing steps and not understanding concepts. This program teaches students concepts and a problem solving approach so the student will understand what to do verses just going through steps.  They teach students independent thinking and various ways of solving problems without completely depending on calculators which is heavily used in Algebra 2 classes in schools. Parent: Safa Jibrin
I just wanted to thank you for offering this class to the students at Crosswind and tell you how much my daughter Rose has benefited from it. This fall, Rose's greatest challenge was being able to finish the timed math facts quizzes. She was accurate and understood addition and subtraction, but she was so SLOW! We worked with her at home using flash cards and manipulatives but were not seeing much improvement. That is why we signed her up for your class. We thought it would help her visualize math and change the way she approached the math problems. Well, it DID help! In February, she began finishing those quizzes within the allotted time and with almost perfect accuracy! Her first 100 was cause for celebration! Rose is much more confident with her math and more focused. Thank you for your help! Parent: Laura Capooth
Abacus and Singapore Math is an excellent way to enrich my child’s interest in Math and also getting head start. The teachers are well trained and very supportive and the curriculum is designed to develop thinking skills. Very impressed with amount of learning Grace has done so far. It is challenging and hard work on both the sides.  THANK YOU LOM and team for EXCELLENT work!  (Grace scored 449 out of 450 in Mathematics in TN State Exam!) Parent: Beena Thomas
I think the Abacus program is a wonderful opportunity to promote intellectual growth in any child old or young. I myself, enjoy the program and love the increasing level of difficulty every week. It helped me with my math because I was able to do mental math even quicker.  Another great thing about the  program is that it boasts self confidence in school, and I  do not feel forced to participate in this program. I enjoy the new procedures and even discovered lots of new things that i didn't know i could do. This is only a couple of reasons why the Abacus program is such an outstanding program. Abacus Participant: Vishwesh Ravva, 6th Grade
My both kids got qualified for advanced program as APEX.  They both got 97+ percentile in Math and that would have not been possible without your help with Abacus and Gradewise Math.  Parent: Rupal Patel
Both, my son who is in 6th grade now & my daughter, 1st grade, were able to learn math beyond the surface by attending after school math club at Crosswind Elm.  They got a chance to think deeper and learn higher math concepts unavailable in regular classrooms. I'm really thankful that they did math club. It was a privilege to have a dedicated math teacher like Ms Alpa for my kids. She made math fun, making my children want to attend the math club class every week. Thank you! Parent: Nadiya Moosani
My son, Stefan Lane, has been with Mrs.Alpa Patel since he was a second grader at Bailey Station. He always enjoyed the after school math classes. Mrs.Patel is a very caring and able teacher. He is now in STEM Math at Schilling Middle school and in advanced math class at MMA. Mrs.Patel doesn't only teach what's in the text book, but she also teaches the logic of math as well. I am very grateful that we has her as my son's teacher. Parent: Pook Lane
I am Jigna Sampat, Ansh's mom. Ansh is in KG at crosswind and he started Mental Math Abacus over a year ago. It was amazing to see how receptive he was to this new technique of learning from the very beginning and how much he enjoys doing it. He is now able to do a set of 4-5 addition and subtraction of 2 & 3 digit numbers with ease, speed and accuracy. It’s a great boost for the kids to increase their self-confidence and is an outstanding program to learn, improve and enhance their math skills. Another positive sign i have noticed is that the home assignments have never seem to be a load as he is always willing to do it and with the speed he can do it does not take much time either. Also it has become a fun game when on the go in the car or waiting at a restaurant. Alpa Patel is a very sincere and dedicated teacher committed to each and every student. We appreciate all her hardwork and efforts she puts behind each student. A simple calculation we have learnt from this is Learning + Fun - Stress = LOM  Finally I have shared our experience with every parent at crosswind because we have seen the benefits of the course and you might be interested too to get your child started in this fun learning process. Parent: Jigna Sampat
" Catherine really enjoys the class, and had  a highest score at Math in her class while doing  tests before spring break”. Both of my children have taken abacus and Singapore math within last 5 years after school at Crosswind Elementary.  They both have benefited greatly from this program that allowed my oldest to progress into advanced math classes. My youngest daughter is having lots of fun with extra math, thanks to the teacher's  enthusiasm, personal attention and small group environment. I highly recommend this program." Parent: Violetta Couture

Thanks so much for offering a class for adults to understand the basis of math!  I always thought of myself as good at math, but Vedic Math opened my eyes to a whole new process that really helps organize math!  It is simple enough to understand even if you don't like math, but also has solid concepts for those with more advanced mathematical skills.  Parent: Kylie
The Vedic workshop I attended was such an eye opener to the way math should and could be performed.  I immediately saw the benefit of the learning these tools and techniques.  Ms. Alpa is an excellent instructor and I guarantee walkng away with a new mindset in how mathematics should be taught and perfromed.  Parent: Heather Klepko
Dear Ms. Patel:  My son Rahul, and I, enjoyed your workshop on Vedic math. It was surprising to know how the ancient mathematicians had developed an comprehensive system of problem solving. We will put your instructions to use in my son’s high school education. Next time you have a workshop over the weekend or during school holidays, we will not hesitate in driving 2 hours from Mississippi to attend. Jayant Dey (Tupelo MS)
I highly recommend you check this out!  We are in year three now and the confidence we have in this is unmeasurable 💙 Mike Hill and I are completely ok with and proud of the fact our boys are quicker and more confident than we are in math at age 9 and 11!  Parent:  Erica Hill
I always wanted my kids to learn Abacus.  I was very excited when I heard Alpa Patel and Kalpesh Patel are going to start teaching Mental Math.  Abacus has been a wonderful benift to our kids.  It has helped my daughter in increase focus and attention.  My son is very excited about learning math with the help of Abacus.  My son is applying Abacus formulas in his day to day Math and is able to 2-3 digits number in minutes. Overall, abacus is a useful and beneficial skill for our kids to learn and we are glad we signed them up for Abacus and Mental calculation classes. Parent Sonal Kataria
My daughter shows a great interest in Math now , well inspite of being sick , she  wanted to attend the Class desperately last week. These were her words ....."Mommy/Daddy ,can I please go to Alpa Aunty's class for few minutes, you can pick me up early, if I'm sick" That showed her interest ... And now she teaches me at home , whatever is done in that session. She Loves it.... Thanks to you both for introducing this concept of Math.  Parent: Manjula Senthil Velan- daughter just turned 5
Our 7 year old attends these Abacus classes that a friend teaches.  We are amzed at the level of math she is able to do after she started.  Thanks for all your hard work Alpa! Parent Roopa Santosh
My 5-year-old son started Abacus 2 months ago and I’m amazed at what he has accomplished. He is able to do mental calculations with two-digit numbers and he thinks it is FUN!  Abacus has been a wonderful benefit to our son. Alpa is a passionate abacus teacher who is devoted to each of her students. I’m very grateful that she has shared her special talent with my son. You are so much vested in our kids, for that I feel gratitude to you and thank you for making our kids part of your life and thinking of them as your very own.Thank you, Parent: Kalyan and Ganga
I am Pallavi Tayade Neelai's Mom.Neelai is in kindergarten at Crosswind. He started Abacus in October at the after school program. In the two months that he has been going I have noticed improvement in his single digit calculations and the speed in which he does it. Now he has started calculations in 10s .He looks forward to Tuesdays so he can learn something new in the Abacus class. Math has become fun thing for him and he is ever ready to do it.We sincerely appreciate all the hard work and effort taken by Alpa  for each and every student. Just thought that I should share my experience about this wonderful method which makes learning math a fun thing for kids with all the parents who might be thinking of getting their kids into the program. Parent: Pallavi Tayade
My daughter (6) is really enjoying her mental math class. Alpa is very professional and thorough with her lessons. My daughter looks forward to the class and is able to now, compute 5 single digit numbers in her mind. e.g. When I say 5+3-2-1+4, she says I see 9! Thank you, Alpa for offering these classes. Parent: Rinu Agarwal, daughter in KG
First of all thanks Alpa for starting and making ABACUS teaching available to our kids through after school program. I did lots of research about this method of learning Math and was looking for program like this in Collierville/Memphis area. My son Yash is in KG at Crosswind Elementary school. When I felt few months back that he was ready to start learning ABACUS, I reached out to Alpa, she evaluated and started Yash at proper level. This is a very important thing about Alpa that she pays attention to individual student needs and progress.   Based on our experience so far, I would say to all KG parents that Math learning using Abacus is a very good method, and sooner the better - KG is the right age for your kid to start learning it.  Parent: Meena Vyavhare
Alex has been studying for 8 months now.  Learning the abacus has been really opened up his mind and his math skills are excellent! Plus he enjoys using the abacus itself.  Parent: Rebecca Dupuy
For me Abacus is a helpful tool.  It is a way for me to use my brain an easier way and faster.  Now that I learnt Abacus, I have no struggles in Math.  Abacus made me more interested in Math.  We get mistakes wrong once in a while but we try again, so it is a better class than school.  In school you take a test but not review it with your teacher but here you can understand & challenge yourself.  I love Abacus & am going to miss it.  Student Participant: Sushmitha
I Love the syllabus, my 4 year old learnt how to count in no time, and I’m so amazed how simple you have made the coursework for their age group.  Thank you for all you are doing.  My 7 year old is doing math mentally, and we are very thankful to you.  We Love MMA!!!! –Parent: Gayatri Desai Patel