Vedic Mathematics

Become the MASTER of MENTAL MATH in no time! (5th grade and UP)

Easy to do, easy to understand, efficient and fast

“Veda” means “knowledge”

Veda is derived from the root Vid, meaning to know without limit

Age of Vedic texts: from 300BC to several millennia BC (

  • Sharpens the mind and increases mental agility and intelligence
  • Improves the memory and boosts self-confidence
  • Natural mindway of doing math! Vedic math does the math the most simplest possible way
  • Students can invent their own methods, math is not one way!  This adds fun and bring creativity!

Check out LOM kids performing final Vedic Math test.  These kids were never assigned a homeowrk.  We ask child to apply the methods learn from the course in their daily math problems.   


Thanks so much for offering a class for adults to understand the basis of math!  I always thought of myself as good at math, but Vedic Math opened my eyes to a whole new process that really helps organize math!  It is simple enough to understand even if you don't like math, but also has solid concepts for those with more advanced mathematical skills. --- Kylie 

The Vedic workshop I attended was such an eye opener to the way math should and could be performed. I immediately saw the benefit of learning these tools and techniques. Ms. Alpa is an excellent instructor and I guarantee walking away with a new mindset in how mathematics should be taught and performed.— Heather Klepko

Dear Mrs Patel

My son Rahul, and I, enjoyed your workshop on Vedic math. It was surprising to know how the ancient mathematicians had developed an comprehensive system of problem solving. We will put your instructions to use in my son’s high school education. Next time you have a workshop over the weekend or during school holidays, we will not hesitate in driving 2 hours from Mississippi to attend. Parent: Jayant Dey (Tupelo MS)

LOM'S Vedic Mathematics - Video course (Become the master of mental math in no time)


On-Demand / Self-Paced LOM’s Online Video Courses

Learn Top rated math programs anywhere & anytime you want with high quality content videos!

  • Thorough video lessons that make a child feels like the teacher is teaching in the classroom.

  • Highly recommended option that will save your money and gives tremendous flexibility to learn any time and anywhere you want

General: This course is designed for 5th grade and up.   The concepts start from considerably basic level but quickly goes to higher level.  We have added few topics related to algebra as well and so we want certain maturity in child to learn those topics hence the lowest grade is 5. You will have a confident child when it comes to mental math after successful completion of this course.

Recommended age group: 5th grade and UP


18 to max 24 weeks of coursework

Cost: $209.99 

It can cost around $500 for our physical classroom or online interactive sessions with live teacher options for Vedic Mathematics course.  In video course option, child can play video explanations as many times as needed for better understanding to complete the level.  
DISCIPLINE is the key for child to be successful in short time when using video courses. 

WHAT LOM PROVIDES: Video lessons and .pdf assignments that you can print.  It is recommended to print those assignment pages and have your child work on the assignments with pencil. However, you can just display them on screen and child works out in a note book. Answers will be provided as well to check the assignments.  Answers will not be printable.   
Video lessons access time: 6 months maximum access will be given for this course.  If needed more time, an additional charge of $59.99 per month will be applied.
Would I get refund or roll over fees to another course if my child finishes this course before 6 months?
NO.  Purpose of video courses is to give total flexibility so child can learn on his or her pace.  $209.99 per level is a flat rate for this video course. 

Refund Policy: NO REFUND in any case.  All purchases are final. Whether you use video lessons or .pdf for assignments or not, once you pay there is no refund.  Please see Teaching vidoes and Work sheets below if needed before making your purchase.

How much involvement is needed from a parent? : Parents need to make a game plan on when child will be working on the video lessons on regular basis. Few kids require parents to sit with them, few are independent worker, and few takes little time to understand how the process works.  It is all depend on an individual student.  Even in our physical classes or online interactive classes, we have seen a little parents involvement makes a huge difference in child’s success.  We DO NOT EXPECT parent to teach, we want them to provide a strong support to their child.  We want parent to help child play video lessons, and make sure child does the required assignments.

Child needs to apply the method learned in this course on regular basis in his or her day-to-day math. 

Jump Start with LOM’s Online Video courses.  Most affordable and most convenient option for your child. Must check out.  

We have the best interest in your child. We want to teach every child the right way and more ways of math and hence this video courses are made at an extremely affordable rate.

Want to see few teaching vidoes/worksheets before you buy?     




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  • Learn from comfort of your home or from anywhere at a fixed time

  • Never miss a class

  • Math never stops

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If you are a school administrator/teacher and want to use our programs either as supplement, or enrichment, we will help you set up

Our LOM has been a game changer for many kids!

Life of Math has been the best investment. Get the program in your school. 
Principal Tia C. James-Balmoral Ridgeway IB World School