Honors 7th grade and Advanced Pre- Algebra

 A MUST TO DO course before moving onto Honors 8th + Honors Algebra 1 course!

  • Build Essential Skills required to be sucessful in Alebra 1 course with LOM's Honors 7th Grade + Advacned Pre-Algebra course
  • A Solid combination of Grade 7 and Advanced Pre-Algebra Topics  
Rising 6th grader can join this course if he/she passes placement test of 6A and 6B both.  Placement tests are avaialble at free of cost.   Placement Test 6A        Placement Test 6B

LOM's math is known for it's higher level of curriculum and it's methodology.

In general, most schools teach students “how to solve a problem”, they don’t teach students why they are doing these steps, and concepts are not always clear. I enrolled my daughter in the Algebra II because I realized she was only learning steps of solving problems, basically memorizing how to solve them without understanding concepts and without having the ability to approach a problem that she didn’t encounter before, because she was memorizing steps and not understanding concepts. This program teaches students concepts and a problem solving approach so the student will understand what to do verses just going through steps.  They teach students independent thinking and various ways of solving problems without completely depending on calculators which is heavily used in Algebra 2 classes in schools. Parent: Safa Jibrin
Thanks to Alpa’s patient, methodical, and personalized approach, my daughter not only passed the exam but also gained a new sense of confidence in her math skills.
Alpa went above and beyond to help my daughter prepare for her exam (eligibility for Honors Algebra 1) in a short time. She took the time to understand my daughter's learning style and tailored her lessons accordingly. She provided clear explanations, helpful examples, and plenty of practice problems that challenged my daughter in just the right way. She also offered valuable study tips and test-taking strategies that proved invaluable on the day of the exam.
She communicates clearly and promptly and is always willing to answer any questions or concerns that arise.
Overall, I can't recommend Alpa enough. She has truly made a positive impact on my daughter's education and I know that my daughter will be more confident in math with her help next year.
Thank you,
Sibel K.
 “Mrs. Alpa really helped me during my Algebra 1 journey. For starters, she made the environment friendly, so I felt comfortable asking questions. If I was struggling with a concept, we reviewed it and strengthened my skills. Without her help, I don’t know if I could’ve worked through the course as fast and with a good understanding. I scored a full 100!! And I'm finished with Honors Algebra 1!!! Yah!!! Now onto Honors Geometry!!! Thank you so much for your help; I wouldn't have finished this course without you.”
Student: Anandi Durgam  

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LOM's Gradewise Honors 7A + Advanced Pre-Algebra Table of Contents
Module Module Title Lessons
1 Factors and Multiples Review of Divisibility rules and factors and multiples, Prime Factorization, exponential notations, Find Greatest Common Factors and Least common multiple using prime factors, Square roots and Cube roots, Process Skills
2 Real Numbers Review of Number Types, Understanding of Real Number System, Number Line, Negative numbers, Absolute Value, Mathematical operations, Absolute value of the difference, Combined operations, Process Skills, Using Rational Numbers, Real Numbers, Rounding numbers to Decimal Places
3 Using Algebra The use of letters, standard and exponential notations, Translate verbal phrases into variable expressions, Algebraic Expressions and Formulas, Process Skills
4 Algebraic Operations Combining like terms and unlike terms, Distributive properties, Order of operations, Simplifying linear algebraic expressions, Factorization by extracting common factors, factorization by grouping terms, process skills
5 Simple Equations in One Variable Simple linear equations in one variable, Simple Fractional Equations, Forming Linear equations to solve problems, process skills
6 Using Ratio, Rate, and Speed Definition of Ratio, Equivalent, Ratios, Ratios in simplest form, Comparisons of ratio in decimal form, Unit Rate, Comparisons of Unit Rate, Average Rate, Proportions, Ratio of Three quantities, Proportions using cross products, Uniform Speed, Average Speed, Conversion of Units, Process Skills
7 Percentage Meaning of Percentage, Expressing one quantity as a percentage of another, Reverse percentages, Percentage increase and decrease, Discount, Sales Tax, Process Skills
8 Angles, Triangles, and Quadrilaterals Points, Lines, and Planes, Angles and measurements, Types of angles, Complementary, Supplementary, and Adjacent angles, Properties of Angles, Perpendicular bisectors, angle bisectors, Use of Compasses, Classification of Triangles, Construction of Triangles, Types of quadrilaterals, Properties of special quadrilaterals, Construction of quadrilaterals
9 Domain and Range of a Function What is a function, What is Domain, What is range, Identifying the Domain and Range of a function, Input-Output tables for function rules, Identify the relations as discrete, continuous or neither
LOM's Gradewise Honors 7B + Advanced Pre-Algebra Table of Contents
Module Module Title Lessons
10 Number Patterns Number patterns and Sequences, General term of a sequence, Process skills
11 Coordinates and Linear Graphs Cartesian Coordinate System, Linear Graphs, Slopes of Linear Graphs (Positive, Negative and Special cases), Linear and Nonlinear function distinction, Linear and Nonlinear Patterns of Change
12 Simple Linear Inequalities Idea of Inequality, Solving an Inequality, Properties of Inequalities, Simple Linear Inequalities, Graphing Linear Inequalities, Process skills
13 Absolute Value Inequalities Absolute Value, Solutions to absolute value equations, Algebraic solutions to absolute value inequalities, Graphical solutions to absolute value inequalities
14 Perimeters and Areas of Plane Figures Perimeters and Area of a Square, a Rectangle, and a Triangle, Circumference and Area of a Circle, Area of a Parallelogram, Area of a Trapezoid, Perimeters and Area of Composite Plane Figures
15 Volumes and Surface Areas of Solids Volumes and Total Surface Area of a Cube, Cuboid, Prism, Volume of Prism, Nets of Cube, Cuboid and other Prisms, Conversion between different units, Composite Solids
16 Proportions Scale Drawings, Map Scale and Calculation of Area, Direct Proportion, Inverse Proportion, Process skills
17 Statistics Part A Date Handlin: Collection of Data, Dot Plots, Measures of Center: Mean, Using Mean to Compare two populations, Variation from the Mean, Measure of Center: Median, Definition of Mode, Comparison between Mean, Median and Mode
18 Statistics Part B Probability of Simple Events: Sets, Equal sets, Subsets, Universal Set and Empty Set, Complement of a set, The meaning of Probability, Terms and Definitions, Sample Space, Basic Properties pf Probabilities
19 Statistics Part C Probabilities of Combined Events: Possibility Diagram, Tree Diagram, Mutually Excusive Events, Independent Events, Further Probabilities

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