Honors 6th grade and Basic Pre- Algebra

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  • Help your child by giving a strong start towards higher math
  • Build Solid Foundational Skills before moving onto higher math
  • Well thought out and is proven to be an extremely successful course designed to give an extra edge to kids
  • Lot of topics introduced from easy to medium to challenging level to give the great base of higher math 
Rising 5th grader can join this course if he/she passes placement test of 5A and 5B both.  Placement tests are available at free of cost.   Placement Test 5A        Placement Test 5B

LOM's math is known for it's higher level of curriculum and it's methodology.

In general, most schools teach students “how to solve a problem”, they don’t teach students why they are doing these steps, and concepts are not always clear. I enrolled my daughter in the Algebra II because I realized she was only learning steps of solving problems, basically memorizing how to solve them without understanding concepts and without having the ability to approach a problem that she didn’t encounter before, because she was memorizing steps and not understanding concepts. This program teaches students concepts and a problem solving approach so the student will understand what to do verses just going through steps.  They teach students independent thinking and various ways of solving problems without completely depending on calculators which is heavily used in Algebra 2 classes in schools. Parent: Safa Jibrin
 “Mrs. Alpa really helped me during my Algebra 1 journey. For starters, she made the environment friendly, so I felt comfortable asking questions. If I was struggling with a concept, we reviewed it and strengthened my skills. Without her help, I don’t know if I could’ve worked through the course as fast and with a good understanding. I scored a full 100!! And I'm finished with Honors Algebra 1!!! Yah!!! Now onto Honors Geometry!!! Thank you so much for your help; I wouldn't have finished this course without you.”
Student: Anandi Durgam  

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LOM's Gradewise Honors 6A + Basic Pre-Algebra Table of Contents
Module Module Title Lessons
1 Whole Numbers Whole Numbers (Types of Numbers, Properties of Arithmetic (Commutative, associative, identity, Zero property, Distributive),  Place Value, Estimation, Expressions and Equations, Exponents and Power, Order of Operations, Factors, Multiples,  divisibility rules, GCF, LCM
2 Algebraic Expressions Algebraic Expressions: Writing and Evaluating Algebraic Expressions, Use of Letters, Evaluating Expressions, Word Problems, Simplifying Algebraic Expressions
3 Negative Numbers Part 1 Negative numbers: Compare, Number Line, Add and Subtract, process skills
4 Negative Numbers Part 2 Negative Numbers: Multiply and Divide, Exponents of Negative Numbers, Fibonacci Numbers, Expanded form, Standard Form, process skills
5 Absolute Value, Linear equation in one variable Part 1 Absolute Value, Linear equation in one variable Part 1 (find unknown)
6 Linear equation in one variable Part 2 Linear equation in one variable Part 2 (find unknown), Rational Numbers, Negative Exponents, Scientific Notations
7 Fractions simplifying fractions, multiplying fractions, dividing fractions, process skills
8 Percentage Percentage: Parts of a Whole as a Percentage, One Quantity as a Percentage of Another
9 More on Percentage More on Percentage: Unitary Method
10 Rate, Ratio and Proportion Rate, Ratio and Proportion: Unit Rate, Ratio and Fraction, Ratio and Proportion, Changing Ratios
11 Honors exercises Process skills
12 Speed Speed and Average Speed
13 Equations and Inequalities Algebraic Equations, Balancing Equations, Process Skills,  Algebraic Inequalities, Graphing Inequalities using Number Line
14 More on Inequalities Inequalities using interval notations, properties of inequalities, graphing inequalities, infinite solution, no solution
LOM's Gradewise Honors 6B + Basic Pre-Algebra Table of Contents
Module Module Title Lessons
14 Squares & Square Roots Squares & Square Roots, Constant of Proportionality, Proportions and Tables, Proportional Vs Non-Proportional equations, Simple Interest, Compound Interest
15 Geometry, Coordinates and Graphs: Part A Basic Geometry Skills, Cartesian Coordinate System, Graphing Lines, Distance between coordinate pairs, Different shapes on the coordinate plane, Enrichment exercises
16 Coordinates and Graphs: Part B Independent and Dependent variable, Relationships between variables and graphs,  Enrichment Exercises
17 Area of Plane Figures Area of Rectangles, Parallelograms, Triangles, Trapezoids, Composite Figures,  Enrichment Exercises
18 Volume Volume of Rectangular Prisms, Cubes, Cuboids, Volume of Liquids, Process skills
19 Surface Areas Surface Area of Cuboid, Rectangular Prism, Triangular Prism
20 Measurement: Part A Celsius to Fahrenheit, Fahrenheit to Celsius, Adding and Subtracting time, Standard time, Military time, Process Skills
21 Measurement: Part B Adding and Subtracting Measurements for length, weight and capacity, Understanding of metric measurements and conversions, Honors lesson
22 Circles: Radius and diameter, Circumference, Area Radius and Diameter, Circumference, Area, Understanding the formulae
23 Statistics: Part A Understanding statistical questions, Measures of center: Mean, Median, and Mode, Process Skills, Challenge Exercises, Bar graph
24 Statistics: Part B Statistical Variability, Displaying and Comparing Data: Pie Chart, Line graph, Displaying numerical data: Dot plot, Histograms, Enrichment exercises
25 Statistics: Part C Measures of Variability, Mean Median, Mode, Mean Absolute Deviation, Range, Box Plot

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