Gradewise Math

Problem Solving & Critical Thinking

LOM's Gradewise Math Program helps develop Problem Solving and Critical Thinking skills.  It is designed by research engineers.  It is a unique blend of more than a decade of teaching experience of different math (Abacus Math, Vedic Mathematics, Traditional Math) plus many high ranked math programs that includes but not limited to Singapore Math (R) (P.S. Singapore Math is a registered trademark of Singapore Math Inc.), Envision Math, Eureka Math, Math U see, Math Start, Math Magic (NCERT) and more.  LOM's program is designed at a higher end to give the best benefits to LOM's kids. 

We believe Math is for every one and Math is not one way.  Many ways of doing math expands brain, develops creativity, and adds fun. 

As the level goes up, the complexity goes up so it is important to make each level foundation strong before moving to the higher level.  Each topic is thoughtfully designed and takes child from easy to medium to challenging level gradually.   

LOM's math is known for it's higher level of curriculum and it's methodology.

Placement tests are available at free of cost for (KG-5th Grade)  

LOM'S Gradewise Math KG-5th grade - Video course (Critical Thinking)


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General: This course is designed for KG thru 5th grade. Please take the placement test before making the selection for the course grade.


Cost per level: $270 per level

On an average it costs around $750 for our physical classroom or online interactive sessions with live teacher options for one level.  In video course option, child can play video explanations as many times as needed for better understanding to complete the level.  DISCIPLINE is the key for child to be successful in short time when using video courses. 

WHAT LOM PROVIDES: Every level will come with video lessons and .pdf assignments that you can print.  It is recommended to print those assignment pages and have your child work on the assignments with pencil. However you can just display them on screen and child works out in a note book.   LOM will also provide answer keys and many times it will show the detailed solution so child can see how to think mathematically and correct any mistakes or just see the way how to solve particular problem. Answer keys will not be printable. 

Video lessons access time: 18 weeks, 6 months or one year maximum access will be given per level based on the level.   If needed more time, an additional charge of $59.99 per month will be applied. 

What if my child finish the level before time limit?: Considering child can finish the level before time limit, upon request for next level to be opened before time limit, first level access will be removed and next level will be available once payment is received.  

Would I get refund or roll over fees if my child finishes the level before time limit?

NO.  Purpose of video courses is to give total flexibility so child can learn on his or her pace. 

Refund Policy: NO REFUND in any case.  All purchases are final. Whether you use video lessons or .pdf for assignments or not, once you pay there is no refund.  Please make sure you go thru video samples attached below before you make a purchase. 

How much involvement is needed from a parent? : Parents need to make a game plan on when child will be working on the video lessons on regular basis. Few kids require parents to sit with them, few are independent worker, and few takes little time to understand how the process works.  It is all depend on an individual student.  Even in our physical classes or online interactive classes, we have seen a little parents involvement makes a huge difference in child’s success.  We DO NOT EXPECT parent to teach, we want them to provide a strong support to their child.  We want parent to help child play video lessons, and make sure child does the required assignments.

Benefits of the Program:

  • Improves problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Model approach makes complex word problems more visual and easy to solve
  • This program is practical application of math facts and goes hand in hand with LOM's abacus program

Jump Start with LOM’s Online Video courses.  Most affordable and most convenient option for your child. Must check out.  

We have the best interest in your child. We want to teach every child the right way and more ways of math and hence this video courses are made at an extremely affordable rate.

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Our LOM has been a game changer for many kids!

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LOM's Gradewise KGA Table of Contents
Module Module Title Lessons
1 Basic digits: Numbers 0 to 5 Read and recognize numbers to 5,  count numbers to 5, exercises includes matching, coloring, circling groups, tracing, writing etc. 
2 Basic digits: Numbers 6 to 9 Read and recognize numbers to 9, count numbers from 6 to 9  exercises includes matching, coloring, circling groups, tracing, writing etc. 
3 Numbers 0-10: double digit introduction Introducing Zero,  exercises includes counting up, down, match etc.
4 Sets equal sets, different sets, sort, match etc. 
5 Comparison- Part A Equal or Not Equal (Numbers 0-9), more or less
6 Comparison Part B How much more or less, arranging numbers in order, challenging word problems
7 Measurement Size, Length, Weight, Capacity
8 Shapes and Solids Introduction to 2D objects and 3D objects, exercises
9 Number Bonds Parts and Whole, Number Bonds up to 10, Importance of tens, pairs of tens
10 Simple addition (0-5) Addition up to 5
11 Simple addition (6-9) Addition up to 9
12 Simple subtraction (0-5) Subtraction up to 5
13 Simple subtraction (6-9) Subtraction up to 9
14 Honors KGA topics Part A Sum, difference and more, match the answer, tally counting, odd and even numbers, chart up to 9, ordinal numbers
15 Honors KGA topics Part B Data and Graphs, probability, van diagram, inequality with addition and subtraction

LOM's Gradewise KGB Table of Contents
Module Module Title Lessons
16 Numbers 11-20 Read, recognize, write numbers, number words 11-20, count on count back
17 Numbers in tens (10-90) Count numbers in tens 10-50, read, match trace, count numbers in tens 60-90,read,match, trace, write correct number and number word
18 Count up, down in tens Count up and down in tens, match correct number, write missing number
19 Comparison More, less, arrange numbers
20 Simple addition in tens (0-90) Basic addition 10 to 40, addition of 50, addition of 60 to 90
21 Simple subtraction in tens (0-90) Basic subtraction 10 to 40, subtraction of 50,Subtraction of 60 to 90, reviews of addition and subtraction exercises, enrichment exercises
22 Number Bonds Parts and Whole, Number Bonds up to 20
23 Addition, Subtraction Numbers up to 20
24 Numbers up to 99 Place value concept, standard form, expanded form, write missing numbers, counting fives, count in tens
25 Comparison more, less,
26 Addition, Subtraction Addition, subtraction exercises
27 Time Standard time (day and night), learning clock, telling time to the Hour
28 Money Dollar and cents, Pennies, Nickels, Dimes, Quarters
29 Fractions Equal, not equal, half, fourth


LOM's Gradewise 1A Table of Contents
Module Module Title Lessons
1 Numbers up to 10 Basic digits- Numbers up to 10, order Numbers, Compare Numbers
2 Number Bond and Number Sentence  Different ways of making numbers up to 10, Pairs of fives and tens
3 Numbers up to 20 Tens and ones, read and write numbers up to 20, Missing numbers up to 20, Comparing numbers up to 20, Number Patterns- up to 20
4 Addition within 20 Count on, Make ten first, Add ones first
5 Subtraction within 20 Counting backwards, Subtract from ones, Subtract from tens
6 Number Bond and Number Sentence (Numbers up to 20) Addition and Subtraction with Number Bond (numbers up to 20), Fact Families
7 Problem Solving - Numbers up to 20 Challenging Word Problems- addition within 20, subtraction within 20, mixed problems
8 Shapes Plane shapes, Properties of Plane shapes, Congruence, Symmetry, 
9 Solid Figures Solid Figures, Types of Solid Figures, Properties of Solid Figures, 
10 Ordinal Number Naming Position, Challenging Word Problems
11 Measurement: Length Handspan and foot measurements, Comparing lengths directly, indirectly, meter and centimeter, yard, feet and inches
12 Measurement: Weight Comparing weights
13 Mental Math Addition and Subtraction

LOM's Gradewise 1B Table of Contents
Module Module Title Lessons
14 Numbers up to 40 Tens and Ones, More and Less by Counting up and Counting down, Comparing Numbers, Addition and Subtraction, Adding 4 numbers
15 Graphs Picture Graphs, Tally Graphs,  Bar Graphs, Van Diagram, 
16 Numbers up to 100 Tens and Ones, More and Less by Counting up and Counting down, Comparing Numbers
17 Addition within 100 Mental Math Strategies for additions within 100
18 Subtraction with 100 Mental Math Strategies for subtraction within 100
19 Multiplication Adding equal groups, Building Time Tables 2s-5s, Multiplication facts of 0s, 1s and 10s, Challenging Word Problems
20 Division Sharing and Grouping, Challenging Word Problems, Brain works for Multiplication and Division
21 Number Bond up to 100 Parts and Whole up to 100, Challenging Word Problems
22 Fractions Halves and Quarters
23 Time Telling Time to hour half an hour and to the 5 minutes
24 Money Money

LOM's Gradewise 2A Table of Contents
Module Module Title Lessons
1 Numbers up to 1,000 Place Value, Counting and comparing Tens and Ones, Create 3d numbers- Hundreds, Tens and Ones, Number Bond: Parts and Whole, Comparing 3digit numbers, Order of Numbers, Count in fives and tens, What comes next? - Patterns Enhancement- Hundreds, Tens and Ones
2 Addition without Regrouping Vertical Additions, Looking at place values- Horizontal additions up to 4 numbers
3 Subtraction without Regrouping Vertical Subtractions, Looking at place values- Horizontal subtractions, Mixed Addition and Subtraction without Regrouping
4 Addition with Regrouping Vertical additions up to 3 rows, Mental Math Strategies for additions
5 Subtraction with Regrouping Vertical Subtractions, Mental Math Strategies for subtractions, Challenging word problems - addition and subtraction, Speedy Math - additions and subtractions
6 Measurement- Length Meters, Centimeters, Yards, Feet and Inches, Miles, Challenging Word Problems
7 Measurement- Weight Kilograms, Grams, Pounds, Ounces, Ton, Challenging Word Problems
8 Multiplication Adding equal groups, Building Time Tables 2s-9s, Multiplication facts of 0s, 1s and 10s, Challenging Word Problems
9 Division Sharing and Grouping, Dividing by 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, Dividing with 1 and 0, Challenging Word Problems, Brain works for Multiplication and Division, Speedy Math - Multiplication and Division

LOM's Gradewise 2B Table of Contents
Module Module Title Lessons
10 Number Bond Addition and Subtraction, Challenging Word Problems, Pattern Solving
11 Mental Math Strategies for Addition and Subtraction Importance of Tens, Make ten first, Add ones first, Add Tens or Hundreds by looking at place value, Add 100 and take away complementary number, Subtract Ones first, Subtract Tens or Hundreds by looking at place value, Subtract 100 and add complementary number, All from 9 Last from 10
12 Money Dollars and Cents, Adding Money, Subtracting Money, Challenging Word Problems, Speedy Math involving Money
13 Fractions Part of a whole, Writing Fractions, Comparing and Ordering Fractions using Bar Modeling, Challenging Word Problems
14 Time Telling Time, Time interval, A.M. AND P.M.,  Military Time, Challenging Word Problems
15 Capacity Liters, milliliters, Gallons, Quarts, Pints and Cups
16 Graphs and Probability Picture Graphs, Bar Graphs, Van Diagram, Probability
17 Geometry Types of Shapes, Polygon, Composite Shapes, Solid Figures, 
18 Area Square Units

LOM's Gradewise 3A Table of Contents
Module Module Title Lessons
1 Numbers to 10,000 Place Value- Grouping after every nine, Numbers up to 10,000 , Count in steps of 10, 100s from any number, Completing the Pattern
2 Mental Math Additions and Subtractions, Subtraction from multiple of hundreds and thousands,  Horizontal additions by looking at place values , Vertical addition with carry 2 rows and 3 rows
3 Additions Horizontal additions by looking at place values , Vertical addition with carry 2 rows and 3 rows
4 Subtractions Horizontal subtractions, Vertical subtractions with carry, All from 9 last from 10, Challenging word problems, Speedy math- additions and subtractions
5 Estimation Rounding to nearest Thousand, Rounding to nearest Hundred, Rounding to nearest tens, Estimating Sums and Differences, Challenging word problems
6 Multiplication Building strong on time tables up to 9x9, 2d x 1d, 3d x 1d, Multiplying with multiples of  10, 100 and 1000, Challenging word problems
7 Division 2d / 1d with remainder, 3d/1d with remainder, Divide by 10, Challenging word problems
8 Money Dollars and Cents, Addition and Subtraction, Challenging word problems

LOM's Gradewise 3B Table of Contents
Module Module Title Lessons
9 Mental Math Strategies Mental Addition, Speedy math addition, Mental Subtraction, Speedy math subtraction, Mixed addition and subtraction , Multiplication, Division
10 Fractions Part of a whole, Make a Whole, Compare Fractions, Equivalent Fractions Simplifying Fractions, Adding and Subtracting Fractions
11 Units of Measurements - Length Meter, Centimeter, Kilometer, Challenging Word Problems, Speedy Math, Yards, Feet, Inches, More complex operations within yd, ft, in, m ,cm, Comparisons, Challenging Word Problems
12 Units of Measurements - Weight Grams, kg, lb., oz, Challenging Word Problems, More complex operations within grams, kg, lbs. and oz, Comparisons , Challenging Word Problems, Speedy Math
14 Units of Measurements - Capacity Liters, milliliters, gallons, quarts, pints and cups, Challenging Word Problems, Speedy Math
15 Graphs Picture Graphs, Bar Graphs, Van Diagram, Probability
16 Time and Calandar

Clock Facts (Hours and Minutes),Time Facts, Estimating time, Telling the time to hours and to minutes, Position of the hour hand and the minute hand, A.M. and P.M., elapsed time, Military time, convert time, add and subtract hours and minutes, learn about seconds, convert, add and subtract minutes and seconds, Calendar Facts, Year and Months, Weeks and Days, More Practice

17 Geometry Angles, Right Angles, Circles, Properties of Triangles, Properties of Quadrilaterals, Use of Compass
18 Area and Perimeter Units of Area, Perimeter, Area of Rectangle, Area of Composite Figures

LOM's Gradewise 4A Table of Contents
Module Module Title Lessons
1 Numbers up to One Million Numbers up to 100,000, Numbers up to 1,000,000, Complete Pattern, Comparison, Mental Math, Rounding off numbers to tens, hundreds, thousands, Rounding off sum and difference
2 Divisibility Tests Digit Sum - 9 point circle, Divisibility by 3 and 9, remainder on division by 9, Divisibility by 6 and 15, Divisibility by 2,,4,5,7,8,10,11,12
3 Factors Factors, Prime numbers and Composite numbers, Common Factors
4 Multiples Multiples, Common Multiples, True or False
5 Problem Solving Challenging Word Problems
6 Multiplication 3d x 1d, 4d x 1d, Estimate then multiply, 2d x2d, 3d x 2d
7 Division Dividing 4d by 1d and by 10, Estimate the quotient
8 Problem Solving Challenging Word Problems
9 Mental Math Mental Math- Multiplication and Division
10 Fractions - addition and subtraction Equivalent Fraction, Adding and Subtracting Fraction Series 1, Mixed Fractions, Change Fraction to Whole or Mixed Number, Change Fraction to Improper Fraction
11 Fractions -Multiplying a Fraction and a Whole Number Fraction of a set,  Word Problems
12 Tables and Graphs Presenting Data: Read and interpret data presented in a table and bar graph, Construct a bar graph from data given in a table, Solve problems using data given in a bar graph or a table, Collect and present data in a table and bar graph, LINE Plots
13 Angles Types of Angles, Measuring Angles, Drawing Angles,
14 Parallel and Perpendicular Lines Parallel Lines, Perpendicular Lines, Use of Set Squares,
15 Perimeter and Area Squares and Rectangles, Composite figures meet at right angles, Challenging Word Problems

LOM's Gradewise 4B Table of Contents
Module Module Title Lessons
16 Decimals Tenths Place, Hundredths Place, Thousandths Place, Decimal to Fraction, Fraction to Decimal, Comparing and Ordering Decimals, Mental Math - 1, Rounding Decimals
17 Addition and Subtraction of Decimals Adding and Subtracting tenths, Adding and Subtracting Hundredths, Estimation for sum and difference, Money, Challenging Word Problems, Mental Math - 2, Write the sum as a whole or mixed number
18 Multiplication and Division of Decimals Multiplying Tenths and Hundredths, Dividing Tenths and Hundredths, Dividing Decimals by whole numbers, Mental Math - 3, Challenging Word Problems
19 Measures Multiplication, Division
20 Symmetry Symmetric Figures
21 Geometric Solids Types of Solid Figures, Properties of Solid Figures, Net diagram of cuboids
22 Volume Cubic units, Volume of Cuboids

LOM's Gradewise 5A Table of Contents
Module Module Title Lessons
1 Whole Numbers Numbers up to One Billion, Estimation, Multiplying and Dividing by tens, hundreds, and thousands
2 Order of Operations Operations, Expressions, Equations, Order of operations, Challenging Word Problems
3 Multiplication and Division  2dx2d, 3dx2d, 4dx2d, dividing by multiple of ten, 2d÷2d, 3d÷2d, 4d÷2d
4 Fractions Fractions and divisions, Adding and Subtracting Fractions, Multiplying Fractions by Fractions, Dividing Fractions by Whole Numbers, Dividing Fractions by Fractions, Challenging Word Problems
5 Measurements Fractions and Measurement Conversions
6 Area Area of Triangles, Area of Complex Figures
7 Ratio  Find the ratio, Equivalent Ratio, Comparing three quantities, Challenging Word Problems
8 Angles Measuring angles, finding unknown angles

LOM's Gradewise 5B Table of Contents
Module Module Title Lessons
9 Decimals Thousandth, comparisons, Estimation, Multiplying and dividing decimals with power of tens, conversions, mental math
10 Multiplying and Dividing Multiplying and dividing by tenths, hundredths
11 Percentage Part of whole, express percentage , fraction as percentage, percentage as fraction, decimal as percentage, percentage as decimal, one quantity as percentage of another, challenging word problems
12 Rate Unit Rate, challenging word problems
13 Triangles and Quadrilaterals Classifying Triangles, Interior and Exterior angle of triangles, Classifying quadrilaterals, Angles of quadrilaterals, Drawing Triangles and quadrilaterals
14 Tessellations Tessellations
15 Data Analysis and Graphs Average, Line plots, Coordinate Graphs, Straight Line Graphs
16 Volume Cubic Units, Volume of Cuboids, Volume of complex figures, Volume and Capacity, Challenging word problems